Oui, hair!

IMG_5718I have been asked since my blog about giving up complaining for Lent how I manage to keep up my attitude of gratitude. That moment when I find joy instead of pain is what I call a ‘Oui, hair!’ moment.

It started with a little spider vein on my left thigh. I was 8 months pregnant when I noticed it on my body. I glared at it, getting more and more frustrated until I started wondering about how spider veins come about. That brought me back to Biology 101 and how our veins are blood vessels carrying deoxygenated blood back to our hearts.

It’s clear that veins are totally badass.

AND I GET TO HAVE THEM! I have veins, and even arteries to boot, carrying blood back and forth to my pumping, beating heart.

So veins are incredible and the intricate work of what is going on inside our bodies every millisecond is badass.

Go ahead, try it with anything you like about your body. Look for what is awesome about it instead. Crow’s feet? You have done a ton of laughing over the years. The ’11’ lines in the middle of your forehead? There have been many problems to solve, and hopefully so many orgasms. Worth it! Cellulite even? Eating good, high-octane fats is what we need to do to nourish our skin and we need fat to carry vitamins A, D, E and K into our bloodstream. It’s not a reason to ignore taking the utmost care of ourselves, eating bountiful food and exercising of course, but it’s a way to stay focused on what is good.

Your hair is too thick or too thin or just not what you want? Be thankful that you have it! Two of my closest friends have bravely battled breast cancer recently. One of them had chemo that wiped out her strength and of course, her hair. Her hair and strength have been restored, but think about those without hair before complaining about yours. You get to have it! Oui, hair!

Like anything worthwhile, having your Oui, hair! moments continually and choosing joy isn’t easy. That little spider vein? He invited friends to come have a little party behind my knees. They are still so badass, even the twisted, damaged ones that become spider veins. They did good work before becoming weak, and all of my other veins are still rockin’ it inside.

Try it, and let me know what happens. If there is one about your body that you aren’t able to find anything positive about, tell me and I’ll find something, you gorgeous creature!

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  1. Joyce Warman says:

    What a great perspective, Maria. “In” everything give thanks” even when we are not grateful” for” everything! I am trying not to complain as I am aging – thanks for the reminder.

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