About Maria


I am the mother of two children, Valita et Emil; they are our petits Franco-Americans. I am an imperfect person living each day loving these little ones without losing my cool. I did not accept enough help after becoming a mom for the first time and did not take great care of myself which could have had serious health consequences, but I thankfully was able to change course. Second time around I learned to accept and ask for support. Mamahood is NOT to be done in isolation or with an expectation of anything remotely close to perfection.


PASSIONATE is the best way to describe how I feel about being a birth and postpartum doula! Women needing women, families needing more hands on deck, bébés benefiting from more love surrounding them is just the way it should be, and my fellow doulas and I strive to make this happen! For the first few years I was solely a birth doula and now I am focusing on my postpartum practice because the postpartum era not focused on enough.


I have to be much more intentional now about the ways I can add a flicker of feminine mystique to my day. I’m lucky if I get to look in the mirror and if I don’t have a Trader Joe’s sticker on my butt. Book clubs, wine nights surrounded by good friends, loud music and nights with the Art Deco Society avec mon amour all help to make me feel alive! It’s not all lipstick and glam though, I am a woman who loves volunteering, I’m deeply nerdy about composting and co-created Go Live Give.

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